Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is Prioritizing Really That Hard?

-Navy Bustier, See Similar HERE OR HERE
-Ankle Boots, Betsey Johnson (sold out similar HERE)

Yes, I've been MIA lately and it makes me think about my recent (well, not so recent) post about "Having Both Feet On The Ground" where I talked about how prioritizing is so, enormously, important for achieving your goals. Well, I am at that point right now where I am having a [VERY] hard time prioritizing between my multiple activities. On one hand I have, as you may know, 2 online stores (that I have not quite advertise much here, but I will :)) and on the other my blog, that I adore as only you, my loyal friends know. Last weeks have been really hard because the day only has 24 hours!!  (sadly)
Feeling I am neglecting my blog makes me feel  miserable and sad but the stores have been busy lately which should make me feel happy, right? not quite.
I've been complaining about my lack of skills when it comes to prioritizing so a friend recommended, amongst many other things, to read a very basic little book that may hlep. I will try this and comment here, for sure..... 
So to answer my own question: YES!! prioritizing is extremly hard for me, I think it has to do with my ability to multi-task as well. I think that is an art :)
On an additional note I had this bustier on sale but after wearing it the other day I decided it was not time to let it go yet, so its no longer for sale BUT for those of you who like bustiers, here are two gorgeous options: Option #1 and Option #2

So let me know, Any tips for prioritizing OR multitasking?? How do you do it? Girls I need help here!!

Hope you are all doing well and I miss you. Stay tuned because I will go no where. I am staying here!


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

" You are excused because you are famous". Do you agree with me?

 Officially in summer what else is left to do than shop for cute swimsuits? Well, that is just how I'd want it to be because for me has been crazy with lots of work on my online stores ( I will tell you more about them later) but that is good news. Busy stores, happy me :). The only thing that I need to do now is find a way to "marry" my stores with this blog so that I don't end up neglecting either of them.
For now only getting ready for all those summer events by the pool (or beach) and before things get even crazier decided to look for some bikinis and bathing suits and these are my choices. Hope you like them, noticed an 80's style in some of the bra cups and styles. I loved the structure of the bustiers.

Now to another subject:
Few day ago was born the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as we all know and I am sure you all know as well that the pair decided to name her ...... "NORTH"!!? Is that a joke? (I mean on the little girl.
I believe that if you are already rich, famous and successful what need is there to make your kid's name stand out of the crowd? I get it that they want their kids to "be different" from the rest of the world but is there really a need for it? for me most of these names sound like a bad joke.
I Don't know, what do you think about those ....crazy names?
Would you name a kid of yours Apple, Pilot, True or ..... North??

Hope your are all doing well, I have missed you much and will compensate with some cute outfit posts this week for my short absence. Thanks for continue to visit me :)


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fashion cares? Do you?

-Tiger tee , Also check out this super sexy version
-BCBG Ankle boots, Similar here 
DKNY sunglasses.

"For it is in giving that we receive."
Francis of Assisi 

I couldn't agree more. We are at our best when we acknowledge our capacity of being useful for society, caring and compassionate. Fashion Industry has not ignore this fact and has shown thru many instances and in many ways that it cares. It cares for the poor, the abandoned, the hungry, the neglected, the education of our children, the sick, and the list goes on and gets very long.

I must admit that not often I did think about how fashion is involve in charity but came across an article about model Liya Kebede and the brand she founded, Lemlem, that helps economic growth in Ethiopia. I got curious and wanted to know what other companies have similar practices. I learned that an L.A. Based company, Shop Gado Gado, donates to school uniforms for children in need from the profits of their necklaces. Another organization is the Fashion For a Cause Foundation based in Nevada and supporting the Leukimia and Lymphoma local Society as well as the Nevada Blind Children Foundation ..... well as I said the list goes on, fortunately.

As a buyer I know now that I have an option to help while I shop and with some research I know I can probably find some of  my buys from companies that help others. We can call this 'buying with a purpose' and it is for sure, an additional excuse to go shopping :)

The truth is that most of the world's population is in some type of need so,  i t is nice to help when we can. I will like to hear from you: Do you make an habitual practice to buy from charitable companies? Do you know any fashion brands or companies that donate to charity? Please share with us here by leaving your comment with the name of those brands. Spreading the word is another way to help.

Hope you are all having a great, happy week.


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Saturday, June 8, 2013

How much Should I spend on Fashion Trends?

See the outfit above? made up of both expensive and frugal items, pretty much picked up by pure taste with out thinking about the cost of it. If I was going to buy this outfit as it is it would cost about $4,340.00 .... oh, did I mention it has some economic items as well? and its a casual street style one?
For the average woman (read most woman, including me) it would be nearly impossible to dress up like this unless I hit the Lotto or incur in some irresponsible practices, like maxing out my Credit Card but being realistic, NO! not for me.
Fortunately since about a decade we have options that allow us to afford fashion, that looks like high fashion but its not. Of course, nothing its made in Italy or France or any of our fashion capitals and forget about natural fibers on labels, but its affordable. My question this week was: should I be paying or not for the 'hot' item? So I came up with this 'Yes' and 'Nos'
Why I should not:
- A trends is just that. In few weeks its gone so we won't use the item as much.
- Having so many affordable 'similars' why expend extra?
- We should be responsible and keep fashion on a budget.
-  Paying less allows me to spend on more items.
Why I should:
- Fashion is cyclic, in some 10 years I will be using it again and therefore ....
- Spending on good high quality items its worth it as they would last longer.
- High cost items fit (and feel) better.
- "spending less" can get tricky as you may end up spending much more on the long run, with the illusion that you spent less.
- If I was going to resale or trade my clothes high fashion brands sustain their price better.

My conclusion:
I have some pricey items that bought about a decade ago, they are as good as 10 years back and look as good and trendy as 10 years ago, so when ever I can buy a thing or two that is a bit pricey its OK, specially shoes or tops, as long as it is not jeopardizing any my of my other responsibilities. also concluded that the "can" buy should not be confused with the "should buy". Remember I said it can get "tricky"? and finally, Fashion habits and practices should be moderate and responsible and I should always remind myself that its only pretty clothes I won't become  a slave of them, I wear them, they don't wear me. Having a not-so-full closet ignites my creativity as I force myself to wear what I have while making it look different.

So tell me about you and your shopping preferences: Frugal or expensive?? and why?

Hope you are doing well and having a happy time wherever you are.


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Monday, June 3, 2013

Are You Really A "Fashion" Lover?? What I have discovered about me and "Fashion"

My First outfits after "coming back"
a small compilation of few of the outfits I have wore since coming back to 
my blog about 6months ago. the bottom 3 are the oldest. can you notice a change
in the style?

“Style is always in fashion, but fashion is not always in style!” -Yves Saint-Laurent


Defining "fashion" is a bit more complicated than you would think as the term "fashion" is very broad but for the purpose of this post we can say that Fashion refers to the 'hot' item out there, usually garments or accessories. style is how we wear those items. I find style to be the expression of who we are (or we are not) and as fashion is closely related to society, style is closely related to us individually. I am not saying you are what you wear but you express who you are thru your style....... That is whether you like "fashion" or not. Your style speaks about your personality.

I have said it before here, for me respecting my personal style is way more important than respecting the fashion trend of the moment. Of course, if the two meet at times, then great! I have realized recently that I am not a fashion lover but rather a style lover. I value and appreciate much more the way people genuinely wear and relate to garments than the garment itself. From there my fascination with fashion blogs. I must confess that I enjoy more (much more) watching at urban styles and street styles than a fashion show or the "official" fashion proposal made by fashion editors. I am going to be even more honest: Most (not all, but most) shows I find to be abstract and ..... boring to a point. But when I see the same pieces from the show wore out on the street on a more candid way then I I can appreciate it more and decide if I like it or not.

I could go on on the same subject for pages and pages, but really wanted to post this thoughts to hear from you: Do you consider yourselves to be a "fashion monster" who loves, lives and breath fashion OR more like me? How do you see fashion? What about style?

On an unrelated note here, I've been ask about my mint wedges a lot and those are an old Steve Madden ones BUT for those interested in cute similar options you may want to see: This Peep toe  wooden wedge or this super innovative ones OR this chic wedge sandal, very comfortable too, I  know by experience and they are on sale. I hope this helps for those looking for mint or green wedges.

Hope you have a great, happy week.


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