Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous retro!!

Who does not love them? Lets talk 80’s. The 80's brought 2 very important trends which I love both: The looser tops with tight bottoms (pants or skirts) and the ripped clothing; jeans, shirts.
The first style brought as well plunging necklines on silk or other light, sexy fabrics. lets not forget about the emphasis on shoulders, remember the pads? The flare was what I loved the most about this style. It gave all the elegance to the outfit, the movement of the clothing as woman walked was ..... the whole thing.
The second style; ripped, slit, clothes, mesh tops and stockings, off course the Madonna/ Flashdance style. Very fun to wear and fun to watch. Who doesn't love and crave the beautiful, bright and happy colors of the time? now days I find it difficult to find those Pink, blue, purple, red, yellow 'crazy', 'awesome' colors on cute designs.... Am I the only one wanting to turn back the time on fashion??
Lets bring it back!

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