Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New Beauty Tip

Although it was originally used for patients with pre-cancerous lesions, benign skin growths, treatment for rheumatology, and neuralgia or athletes' injuries, it is now being used as a beauty tool,..... the name? CRYOTHERAPY.
It has recently been claim that Frequent application of Cryotherapy tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles, stimulates circulation and makes you skin brighter and some even claim that they feel, happier?? Yes! happier.
So, the question is how far would you go for all those benefits? or, I should say how cold??? Well, Cryotherapy is a treatment that consists of cooling (Freezing) your body by going into a 'cryogenic chamber' for no longer than 3 minutes. chamber is cool down to about -110 C (-166 F), extremities are protected against frostbite with socks, gloves and mouth protection. the skin temperature drops to about 5 C (41 F) and after the 2 or three minutes the user comes out. It is at this point that the blood begins to run all thru the body stimulating circulation and all other mentioned benefits.
Wow, that sounds 'cool'.

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