Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Weeks ... so far

I have been 'charmed' by some collections, not that I have not like most of them, but some have been .... Special! you know like the kind of thing that you don't even look twice it just 'pops' at you?
Well these pictures were selected just like that.
I have been saying for a while how surprised (in a very good way)  I've been by Jason Wu and Alexander Wang but now I am adding Sass and Bide. Did you see the colors? the clean cut style? and the .... 'fun' that delivers those pieces, that is how I felt to see that collection. Happy!
Here are my choices, hope you like them as well.

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  1. Gorgeous! To answer your question - I actually already do teach, it's part of the program I'm in to get my PhD but I assist my advisor with the classes he teaches and I'm applying to teach my own class that I design myself, which is basically what I'll be doing as a professor in a year or so when I graduate but I really want the practice now!


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