Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dress Crush Of The Week

Well this week I have two of my favorites: the shine and the animal print. I've noticed that lately I like things that normally don't, like the length of Amber Heard's dress but I found it perfect this time.
Fiona Ferrer's and Amber Heard's dresses are my dress crush this time, hope you like them.


  1. That strapless sparkly dress is stunning! I love the length too.

  2. Oh wow I love both of these!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. These are cool. I have a shiny but very simple evening dress and I already made plans to take it out and wear it with a white blazer and sandals for day time in spring! I am in the market for an animal print dress. Newport news and Spiegel has some really cool knee length and maxi ones. So does Victoria's secret. I am waiting for them to go on sale.

  4. that sparkly dress is so pretty! very glam :)


  5. i went to high school with amber. she was in my drama classes and on my lacrosse team. funny huh?


  6. o b s e s s e d with the strapless sparkly dress!

    absolutely beautiful!


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