Saturday, June 8, 2013

How much Should I spend on Fashion Trends?

See the outfit above? made up of both expensive and frugal items, pretty much picked up by pure taste with out thinking about the cost of it. If I was going to buy this outfit as it is it would cost about $4,340.00 .... oh, did I mention it has some economic items as well? and its a casual street style one?
For the average woman (read most woman, including me) it would be nearly impossible to dress up like this unless I hit the Lotto or incur in some irresponsible practices, like maxing out my Credit Card but being realistic, NO! not for me.
Fortunately since about a decade we have options that allow us to afford fashion, that looks like high fashion but its not. Of course, nothing its made in Italy or France or any of our fashion capitals and forget about natural fibers on labels, but its affordable. My question this week was: should I be paying or not for the 'hot' item? So I came up with this 'Yes' and 'Nos'
Why I should not:
- A trends is just that. In few weeks its gone so we won't use the item as much.
- Having so many affordable 'similars' why expend extra?
- We should be responsible and keep fashion on a budget.
-  Paying less allows me to spend on more items.
Why I should:
- Fashion is cyclic, in some 10 years I will be using it again and therefore ....
- Spending on good high quality items its worth it as they would last longer.
- High cost items fit (and feel) better.
- "spending less" can get tricky as you may end up spending much more on the long run, with the illusion that you spent less.
- If I was going to resale or trade my clothes high fashion brands sustain their price better.

My conclusion:
I have some pricey items that bought about a decade ago, they are as good as 10 years back and look as good and trendy as 10 years ago, so when ever I can buy a thing or two that is a bit pricey its OK, specially shoes or tops, as long as it is not jeopardizing any my of my other responsibilities. also concluded that the "can" buy should not be confused with the "should buy". Remember I said it can get "tricky"? and finally, Fashion habits and practices should be moderate and responsible and I should always remind myself that its only pretty clothes I won't become  a slave of them, I wear them, they don't wear me. Having a not-so-full closet ignites my creativity as I force myself to wear what I have while making it look different.

So tell me about you and your shopping preferences: Frugal or expensive?? and why?

Hope you are doing well and having a happy time wherever you are.


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  1. I never paying much money for trend pieces. Hey, it's just a trend, maybe tomorrow it's over.
    For classic basics, like a trench, I spend more money because I can wear this so many years.

    Have a nice weekend, Cla

  2. Wow I can't believe how much this outfit would cost! I work out how much to spend on clothes by using cpw (cost per wear) If I'm gonna wear something quite a few times then its worth spending more.
    Laura. xx

  3. great pieces!

  4. Bonito outfit!!! me encanta el collar!!!
    Que tengas un buen domingo, Caro!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. ou very chic outfit!

    - Janine

  6. I love your blog! I personally don't spend much on trends but I tend to not like most of the trends anyway! I set my own trends. Follow me via GFC and I'll follow you, doll. <3

  7. what a lovely entry, i always ask myself how much is "normal" 'cause i mostly fall in love with expensive stuff :)
    btw. i love the leather skirt <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  8. Wow wow wow. That necklace. I NEED THAT. Seriously, thanks for sharing. I may have to feature it in an upcoming post.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  9. Those sunglasses are only 5!!! That's a really good deal!

  10. Love that leather skirt !

  11. I'm so frugal! I pride myself on the fact that I never pay full price for anything! About 90% of my clothes come from consignment or thrift shops and if I'm shopping in an actual mall, I will only go into stores that offer student discounts, are having sales, or for which I have a friends & family coupon! This helps keep costs down all around PLUS if I attempt a trend and it doesn't go so well, I didn't overspend AND I can sell it back to a consignment shop!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

  12. Hey Style...

    First, I love the pieces. Second, I am with you on not spending a lot on trends. However, I do have my pieces that I will spend a pretty penny on and not think twice about it; mostly, being handbags. :) Love them, can't get enough of them!

    Love your post, they are always very interesting and thought provoking!


  13. Wow everything fabulous, the mega chain necklace is super hot, Great set you have here.

  14. It really is tricky , I think classic items should be splurged on , but trendy pieces well that's frugal all the way unless you have money to waste .

  15. Love this post! Finally, someone is clearly spelling out just HOW COSTLY it can be to look like that every day. For most girls out there, this is not a possibility.

    Working in the fashion industry applies extra pressures to dress a certain way as well as wear the right brands.
    The way I like to shop is to spend on the pieces that count. Handbags, certain footwear. The occasional sunglasses. Evening wear for events, etc. I always think in these cases it's buy nice or buy twice.

    But I save on basics like tank tops, tees, jeans, weekend dresses etc.


  16. Hi Lovlee, thanks for your wonderful words over at mine :) Such fabulous picks, adore the sunnies, the dazzling necklaces and those killer heels!

  17. You have some great points here! Honestly, I think it is okay to splurge on a few things. Like the skirt, buy a quality one. You could probably wear it for a few years before it is "out" of fashion. Things like the necklace and tank, just buy some cute cheap ones at a regular department store.

  18. Nice outfit, I love the leather skirt!

  19. I tend to go frugal on trendy stuff, and expensive on staples (blazers, a great pair of boots, etc.), and very frugal (ie, Target, Old Navy) on basics like t-shirts. :)

    Great post!


  20. The shoes and skirt are awesome!! :)

  21. Hi, I hope you have been keeping well.

    I tend to do a mixture of both - frugal and expensive, although I tend to spend the most on accessories like bags and shoes then go more high street with the clothes. If you have good quality accessories, they can make the rest of the outfit look expensive even if it is just from H&M.

    I'm always trying to decide whether I should buy something or not by asking the questions you mentioned above - it's a good strategy! x

  22. They are interesting questions to ask! I find I tend to buy cheaper clothes as I wear them out more easily. Mostly by tearing or spilling on or staining them to be honest!

    Accessories I invest in as a good bag can last years (like an 18 year old handbag I have), but sometimes it's fun to splash out on cheep cheerful trendy accessories too.

    Away From Blue

  23. Lol. It is difficult to decide. We usually decide according to our heart so if we fell in love with some item we must have it:)). Nice post.
    Audrey and Pearl

  24. I am a firm believer in spending less on trends and investing more on classic pieces. You can't go wrong with a staple dress, shoe or accessory. It's a great way to balance the budget and care for the wardrobe.




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