Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is Prioritizing Really That Hard?

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Yes, I've been MIA lately and it makes me think about my recent (well, not so recent) post about "Having Both Feet On The Ground" where I talked about how prioritizing is so, enormously, important for achieving your goals. Well, I am at that point right now where I am having a [VERY] hard time prioritizing between my multiple activities. On one hand I have, as you may know, 2 online stores (that I have not quite advertise much here, but I will :)) and on the other my blog, that I adore as only you, my loyal friends know. Last weeks have been really hard because the day only has 24 hours!!  (sadly)
Feeling I am neglecting my blog makes me feel  miserable and sad but the stores have been busy lately which should make me feel happy, right? not quite.
I've been complaining about my lack of skills when it comes to prioritizing so a friend recommended, amongst many other things, to read a very basic little book that may hlep. I will try this and comment here, for sure..... 
So to answer my own question: YES!! prioritizing is extremly hard for me, I think it has to do with my ability to multi-task as well. I think that is an art :)
On an additional note I had this bustier on sale but after wearing it the other day I decided it was not time to let it go yet, so its no longer for sale BUT for those of you who like bustiers, here are two gorgeous options: Option #1 and Option #2

So let me know, Any tips for prioritizing OR multitasking?? How do you do it? Girls I need help here!!

Hope you are all doing well and I miss you. Stay tuned because I will go no where. I am staying here!


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