Sunday, June 23, 2013

" You are excused because you are famous". Do you agree with me?

 Officially in summer what else is left to do than shop for cute swimsuits? Well, that is just how I'd want it to be because for me has been crazy with lots of work on my online stores ( I will tell you more about them later) but that is good news. Busy stores, happy me :). The only thing that I need to do now is find a way to "marry" my stores with this blog so that I don't end up neglecting either of them.
For now only getting ready for all those summer events by the pool (or beach) and before things get even crazier decided to look for some bikinis and bathing suits and these are my choices. Hope you like them, noticed an 80's style in some of the bra cups and styles. I loved the structure of the bustiers.

Now to another subject:
Few day ago was born the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as we all know and I am sure you all know as well that the pair decided to name her ...... "NORTH"!!? Is that a joke? (I mean on the little girl.
I believe that if you are already rich, famous and successful what need is there to make your kid's name stand out of the crowd? I get it that they want their kids to "be different" from the rest of the world but is there really a need for it? for me most of these names sound like a bad joke.
I Don't know, what do you think about those ....crazy names?
Would you name a kid of yours Apple, Pilot, True or ..... North??

Hope your are all doing well, I have missed you much and will compensate with some cute outfit posts this week for my short absence. Thanks for continue to visit me :)


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  1. Meh. I'm not crazy about crazy names. It's more for the parent's sake than their child. That's what bugs me... because who really wants to be named North?!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. I love unique names, but those are just awful. North... West? The child is going to be made fun of constantly, poor kid. If you want the name to be different, at least make it something pretty. My last name is Price but I'm not going to go naming my child "Sale" or anything. Anyway, I love all of these bathing suits. The fifth one is my favorite; what a darling print! Following you now. (:

    May the Force be with you.

  3. the tiger bathing suit is just too adorable.

    - Janine

  4. i love funky names, but north is not creative nor artistic. i'm so disappointed!


  5. I love the first purple bikini and I agree these celebrity names are ridiculous.
    Laura. xx

  6. I think I would take the one piece suits. I´m currently into retro swimsuits.

  7. Loving the first purple bikini.
    And yes, North West is one of the stupidest names out there...


  8. I love the one with the leopard

    New post on My blog --->

  9. Great Swimsuits. I prefer a 2 pieces Swimsuit, but it's not easy to find a good one, because I need a litte bit support. The gravity of earth is very bad for me. ;)

    OGM what a name, poor kid. I sure the kid will have a problem with the name, later in school. Kids can be realy mean.

    From you I follow you with bloglovin to. GFC gets over and I don't want miss your post's. Sorry for be late for this post. I haven't see it this days.

  10. They do come up with some out there names!!!



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